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All investors are required to supply their payment instructions no later than the Record Date in order to receive their payment. At maturity the final coupon is paid along with the Face Value of the bond. Actual amounts will vary depending on the individual eTB. Skip to main content. Last updated: August By accessing this site you are agreeing to our terms of use.


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What is the Coupon Interest Rate? What is the Yield To Maturity?

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How does the ex-interest settlement date affect my coupon interest entitlement? The net result is that either purchase has essentially the same yield to maturity, or expected return.


This measure is not an accurate reflection of the actual return that you will receive because it only takes into account the coupon and current price as opposed to yield to maturity, which takes into account those two factors as well as the par value and time to maturity, providing a more complete picture. There are some brokers who will quote current yield as opposed to yield to maturity because the current yield is typically higher. At that price, the current yield is 4. When considering fixed income options, it is important to understand the differences among coupon rate, yield and expected return.

While each piece does tell an important story, the best indicator of return on the security is yield to maturity. Because yield is a function of price, changes in price result in bond yields moving in the opposite direction.

What Is Coupon Rate and How Do You Calculate It?

There are two ways of looking at bond yields - current yield and yield to maturity. This is is the annual return earned on the price paid for a bond.

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  • It is calculated by dividing the bond's coupon rate by its purchase price. The interest earned would be Rs 60 in a year. When a bond is purchased at face value, the current yield is the same as the coupon rate. The current yield would be 6.

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    This reflects the total return an investor receives by holding the bond until it matures. Taking the above example and using the formula, the YTM would be calculated as follows:. Membership Login My Profile Register.

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