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I had. I asked ahead because they had a store name on them but they were manufacturer coupons. I paid 1. The people in line behind me were so rude, but its free and we use it.. I do joke that it looks like some of the shoppers on EC will be on one of the Hoarding shows eventually!

Could we easily use less? How much would get us through 6 or 12 months? Extreme Couponing is making couponers look like hoarders and I can understand that the average person who see it as hoarding. However, seasoned couponers know that sales come in cycles so in order to maximize overall savings, there is a need to buy as much as you can when there is a sale.

I think there is a balance between what people see on the television and reality. The couponers are putting on a show and they are getting paid to do this. They are always smiling as they are shopping asnd exclaiming how much they are getting and that can be seen as selfish or giddy. Most of us are not like that. I want to get in and get out as quickly and quietly as possible.

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So why not. When someone is annoyed with me. Oh well they can throw away the 10 — 50 dollars if they want to.

‘Extreme Couponing’: More ‘Hoarders’ Than How-To

The other thing I want to mention is if you listen to their stories almost all of them have had a catestrophic event propel them forward to the point they are at. It can be pretty intense. This is a great post. I did 3 trips of 20 each and every time someone in line commented about extreme couponing. The sad thing is that I go through at least a box a week and this will last 10 months or so, but we really need them, and I will use every box, and saved some money in the process.

I have coupons for them so I bought a lot of them cause I knew they would use them. Some people might think that is hording but it is called being smart. They could use the extra help and I had the time to get it for them. I know people give the looks when you do buy in bulk and some cashiers are not so nice either, but they should be thankful that people are shopping in their stores. So many business have failed and closed they should appreciate our business. Another point about Hoarding as opposed to stocking up to me there is a certain element of selfishness to hoarding-where you are snatching up a resource that is in limited supply and not allowing others the opportunity to purchase it.

I agree. Ok done gettin cranky about her. Recently I bought 20 bottles of LifeWater for 25 cents each. I felt no shame and wish I could have gotten more.

My 3 daughters will go through that in less than a month! Thanks for your post. One thing I do is I put all my bargains in a box, and then at Christmas I divide all the products up between my 3 adult kids and their family.

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I then give it to them as a Christmas gift with all the products they use. They really appreciate the gift boxes and I feel better about sharing the bargains that I get with them. It all helps when times are tough like it is now. That being said: make a decision as to what is your inventory point and stick with it. Some people aim for a three month stockpile. Some for six. But when you hit the goal you wish to provide for your own family, stop. The surplus needs to go to another home. I live in a community where volunteer service and charitable works are part of the year-round local culture, so a typical family needs to be able and ready to respond to civic club and classroom-hosted donation drives in the first place.

Loved this post! I recently had someone ask me if I was like the lady on Extreme Couponing and why do I need all that food. People tend to have a hard time separating what they see on tv with what couponing is really like. I just bought a bunch of free pasta. I have a healthy stockpile for my family, so everything I bought went straight to my donation pile. AND I left plenty of boxes on the shelf for other shoppers while staying within my stores coupon policy. The show Extreme Couponing is giving anyone who uses coupons a bad image.

I used to love using coupons and now get looks or comments made about using coupons. I tell the people who make the comments that they must not like saving money and that usually shuts them up. Thanks for the great post! I have been thinking about this a lot lately and think that many people are confused about stockpiling now.

I love giving them staple items and things like cake and brownie mix, jello and kool-aid. So many hard working people need some help.

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Extra baby formula, pet food, toiletries and staple items go a long way. Also, most couponers will buy multiple items if they can get it at super low prices, but most are not hoarders. Buying Limits Most stores have limits on how many coupons for the same item can be purchased at one time. For example, going in with coupons and purchasing six cases of one product would not be allowed at most stores. Also, there are often limitation policies printed on the coupon.

For example, you may see on the coupon that you can only redeem up to five coupons for five of the products at one time. Many grocery stores would not allow one person checking out to tie up employees and a register for five hours. You might get away with it once, but my bet is that on your next trip to the store, there would be a new policy preventing it from happening again. With that said, you can still save a tremendous amount of money by using coupons for products that you and your family will use. You can even save enough to donate products to charity.

Let's take a look at what is possible for most of us when it comes to saving with coupons and take some of the "spin" out from the program to see how it can benefit us. After the big fallout on the authenticity of the program, TLC continued the program for five seasons, although viewer interest dropped off. The last episode appeared during the Thanksgiving season on TLC's Discovery Family network with a new title, Greatest Givers: Extreme Couponing, which focused on the good deeds done by some of the previously profiled couponers.

Currently, there is not a future schedule for the program that has been released.

When Extreme Couponing Goes Too Far

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In addition, we also had the opportunity to show that we are running one of the hottest coupon promotions out there by making all manufacturer coupons up to a dollar and gladly accepting all grocery competitor coupons. We understand that some customers may have questions regarding the coupon policy after viewing the show and we welcome your comments. You can get free products, and a lot of them, by using coupons.

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You can use more than one coupon on one product at some stores. You can put a tremendous dent in how much you are spending on food and personal products. You can streamline your coupons so that you save on products that are healthy and that you and your family will enjoy. You can save with coupons and build a stockpile of food without hoarding. It can become a fun family hobby that enhances math skills and teaches the importance of frugality to children.

A great way to teach this is to allow the children to spend what they saved on a new video game or a cool pair of new jeans.