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Best iPad Deals for February Save on the iPad Pro

Since its release in , the Apple iPad has taken the world by storm and revolutionised the way we use computers. No longer must we sit down at desks, awkwardly position laptops or squint at a phone screen — the iPad is the ultimate portable device. From the classroom to the office, the iPad is a functional piece of kit and has helped drive paperless ways of working, permeating the worlds of business, education and design, to name a few.

Keep up with meetings, compose powerful presentations and discover endless entertainment from millions of apps available from the touch of a finger. Technology at its finest, from the crystal-clear display, crisp camera and powerful processing speed all in one sleek slate. All the power of a computer in one compact and portable device. Large display coupled with a slim design, our iPad pro range is the go-to choice for all busy-body professionals in business, design and creative industry who love to multi-task on the go.

You can also choose whether you want Wi-Fi or if you want one that also has cellular connectivity; allowing you to have access to cellular data the same way a phone does.

Despite its lightweight appearance, the iPad Air still packs a mean punch when you compare all its high-end features. The model for example is compatible with the handy 1st generation Apple pencil , along with a lovely big screen making it the ideal model for note-taking and sketching; perfect for busy students looking for a quick and efficient alternative to lugging a whole laptop around campus.

Big enough to enjoy streaming and browsing, small enough to throw not literally in to your bag and take with you everywhere you go. With a 9. The latest model, the iPad Mini 5, features the new A12 Bionic chip which performs faster and more efficiently than its previous generation. Ideal for the gamers, readers, streamers and casual browsers of the world. The iPad has various basic features. All models have Wi-Fi access, though some also have cellular connectivity. In conjunction with dual microphones, one to tune out background noise, this allows the use of FaceTime and similar programmes.

Later versions have Touch ID, allowing you to unlock the device with your fingerprint and Face ID, allowing you to do so with your face.

With the A12 processor at an affordable base price, Apple's smallest tablet is a tiny powerhouse of a computer. With the addition of Apple Pencil support and with decent battery life, Apple has breathed new life into the iPad mini with the model.

Read our iPad mini review. The iPad Air is a powerful and easy-to-use tablet with a large and well-specced screen, long battery life and attractive design, all at a sensible price. There are some compromises here, but as an all-round package this is vastly appealing.

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Read our iPad Air review. There's no doubt that the iPad Pro is an amazing tablet, complete with its new slim-bezel design as well as a range of hardware upgrades.

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Really there's little to dislike but do bear in mind that you'll need the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard to make the most of the iPad Pro. One of our favourite tricks for iPad deals is the Apple Refurbished Store , where you'll find iPads with huge discounts. These are items that have been returned, but you will really struggle to spot any evidence of that.

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Apple replaces the battery and outer shell of every refurbished iPad, and you'll still get all of the accessories and manuals that would come with a new model. Plus, you'll also get the same one-year warranty as you would with a brand-new iPad.

You can pick up an Apple iPad mini 4 for just £269 in the Currys Black Friday UK sale

The only thing that gives the game away is the box - Apple replaces the original with a white box to prevent people from buying the discounted models and selling them as new. That concludes our guide to the best iPad deals available right now. But if you're unsure of which model you should pick up, take a look at our in-depth iPad buying guide. All Rights Reserved.