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The start of the new year Jan 1 does NOT automatically nullify this requirement. Link to this Wiki. This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users. Boston Strong moderator. Welcome to the new thread!

Please feel free to pm me or any other mod if you need clarification. Happy Viggling! Reply Helpful Comment? Viggle 3.

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Please be sure to check out the newly updated FAQ! L9: Master. I checked into show , and if you hit the Home button to look around viggle , it gives a warning that if you LEAVE , you will miss out on commercial breaks and Perk Points. L3: Novice. Quote from starbucksfan4ever :. L6: Expert. Quote from Starfire :. Last edited by curious February 17, at PM. Reason: Automerged Doublepost. Quote from TruthBeTold :.

Page 1 of Join the Conversation Add a Comment. More from the Slickdeals Blog. IE11 users, we love you! Upgrade to Google Chrome or Firefox to get the most awesome Slickdeals experience. Popular Streaming Shows - Manual Check in. Quote from starbucksfan4ever : very weird.. Quote from starbucksfan4ever : viggle 3. Quote from Starfire : For the first time ever we can all take the night off.

Quote from TruthBeTold : So the microphone is on all the time listening to the show? That said, there still are a lot of people continuing to do it. If you really want to invest the time into how to do it well, there's a huge thread on slickdeals. They are experts over there. They also compile all of the daily bonus shows, answers to quizzes, etc.

Does anybody know if once you reach your watch point limit for the day if it notifies you that you can't get any more points for the day? Or do you have to just go back through your watch points and count them up and stop at ? Joined Mar 10, MinnieLovesMickey12 said:. I went over to slickdeals. Do you know which section the thread is in?

Slickdeals viggle transformers answers

What it's listed under? Jules Mouseketeer. Joined Feb 15, I check into all the bonus point shows every night and play trivia. I will usually check into a long movie when I go to bed also.

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You only have to be checked into a show for 10 minutes to qualify for the bonus points. I love Viggle. It does take a while to earn rewards now, but I'm kind of addicted to the app.

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Joined Feb 14, I'm a veteran Viggler! It has changed a lot in the year and half its been out. You use to be able to earn up to points a day. Ads all the time and bonus show check-ins were worth points now, 2 points per minute to "watch" shows 1 point per minute now. You could really rack up A LOT of points very easily.

Much more than documents.

Now you can only "watch" up to 12 hours of tv per day or minutes. You can get a few points for watching ads and there are always quizes on several shows each night. On the slickdeals website referenced earlier they list each show that is giving bonus points each night. They also post clips of each show so you can "check-in" to them.

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  • You don't have to do it live when the show is actually one. But there is a time when the clips quit giving the bonus points.

    I'm not sure what time it is now but overnight sometime. Tonight the hockey game is on and I'm waiting to check into it until I go to bed. I will stay checked in until the game time is over It gives answers to ANY possible question you could have. Subsequent pages also answer current questions about if there are lags or glitches etc. There are glitches that make you want to scream, not giving you the points that you should have gotten, not recognizing shows that are giving bonus, etc.

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    But overall it is a great ap for making a few extra dollars. I have 3 accounts: mine, my husbands, and my sons.

    The Future of Disasters – Futurists Twitter Chat Thursday EDT #apf #futrchat

    I usually cash in for Best Buy. You can take those to best buy and of course buy stuff but the best thing is you can buy a Visa Gift card with the BB Gift card. I can then take that and use it for whatever, where ever. I paid for Christmas last year with my Visa Gift Cards. If you have specific questions that you can't find on slickdeals I will be happy to try to help! How do you have 3 accounts? I mean how does that work? Do you have to check in using 3 different phones for the same show?

    Can you link one directv account to all 3 Viggle accounts? My kids have IPod touch but I doubt they would want me sitting around with it all day checking into programs with their device so that probably wouldn't work for me. Just curious how that works.