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It's easy to use, attractive, and can clean smaller rooms of up to feet. It has most of the bells and whistles, and is a bit smaller. It also doesn't have an in-display fingerprint sensor or as many rear cameras. Learn more about the differences in S10 models here.

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To us, this phone is already the best bargain around. If you're in the market for a new Pixel but don't want to wait for the upcoming Pixel 4 which will be more expensive , this could be a good time to buy. It's also available in almost-white. Read our full review here. Nokia 7. Its best quality is that it gets security and software updates directly from Google which makes the Android operating system.

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They come fast and frequently, unlike most Android phones. Apple iPad Pro It's quite capable, especially with the option for LTE service. Also available in white. It's great to have GB of storage for downloading movies and other files. This portable charger can power two smartphones at a time and has a built-in flashlight. It's one of the best TV streaming devices. Sometimes the best home entertainment is a good book.

The waterproof, high-res Kindle Paperwhite doesn't get this cheap often. TCL makes some of the best affordable TVs. This model is one of TCL's best and has especially good picture quality. The Ultra is the best Roku around with extra features like a headphone jack, night listening mode, and the ability to take an ethernet connection. This is a good soundbar from Samsung. Everything you watch will be more immersive with it. Put the wireless sub next to your couch. If you have particularly small ears, you may want to check out the Samsung Galaxy Buds. They're comfy with great battery life, and these ones are available in an Amazon-exclusive ultraviolet-with-midnight-blue colorway.

Read our review for more.

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Logitech MX 2. They're capable of filling a room with rich, robust sound, and they work with desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Its GTX Ti graphics card is capable enough to run most games pretty well at mid-high settings. It features an included rechargeable battery, and it can store multiple computer profiles internally so you can swap between work and home computer settings with the press of a button. It gets the job done and sounds good doing it. We also like the flip-to-mute mic. It's one of the best wireless gaming headsets and gets extraordinarily good battery life. We only recommend them for PC.

Oddly, on PS4 the mic tends to sound very quiet. Gaming mice are almost universally right-handed, but this one is designed to be used with either hand. You get a premium gaming experience, no matter which hand you prefer.

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They are always expensive but thanks to Prime Day we're seeing a few come way down in price. It's an inexpensive, no-frills option and a killer deal at this price. Check our Amazon Prime Day Page for more coverage and deals. Tom Simonite. Paris Martineau. Louise Matsakis. Alex Baker-Whitcomb. When ordering pizza online, you can find a lot of great national and local pizza coupons from large pizza chains. In general, pizza is becoming more affordable. This concept became successful enough that it became a permanent menu item for them.

With this low pricing, many other brands created their own pizza deals to compete. Ultimately, when looking for pizza deals and coupons, the first step is knowing how much pizza you should order. The more pizza you order, the higher the discounts usually are. Source: joinhoney. They have 18, locations worldwide as of December , making them the largest pizza company by number of locations.

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They are a subsidiary of Yum! They are known for their dine-in service, pan pizza, speciality pizzas, and discounts on large 1 and 2-topping pizzas. Pizza Hut has both local and national deals, online ordering, and a Hut Lovers and Hut Rewards programs to earn points and get free cheese sticks on your next order.

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They have over 16, locations worldwide and as of February , are the largest pizza seller in terms of sales. They are known for being on the cutting edge of pizza delivery technology and ways to order online.

When you sign up for their exclusive offers and rewards, you get discounts off their regular menu price, and exclusive deals on their cheese pizzas, specialty pizzas, and large 1-topping pizzas. They also have a lot of limited time offers at participating locations. With over locations as of , they operate in 33 states, plus the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. They have an email club that you can join to get exclusive deals and are known to have strong delivery areas.

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They are known for their flavored crust, delicious subs, and Howie Bread in addition to their gluten free pizza.